By Bethany Sikes

This is an exciting week for the Voices of Refugee Youth project! After many delays and interruptions to our training and data collection schedule, we are starting our next round of training today! We are have moved our face-to-face training online for a blended approach of asynchronous online lessons and live sessions with instructors from Jigsaw and RSN. We have worked closely with John Carroll University and Centreity to develop this accredited training. For more information about the training, check out the Our Training Programme page.

For the next two weeks our Youth Researchers will be busy completing their training and preparing for the next round of data collection! In Pakistan, our Youth Researchers will be working on Unit 3, which focuses on data analysis and interpretation. In Rwanda, the team will be working on Unit 2, which focuses on qualitative data collection techniques. 

We are really excited to deliver this training and look forward to sharing reflections from Youth Researchers on the experience over the coming months.